I love handlettering. I love that there are endless ways to make the letter /s/. I love words. I love semantics, syntax, and grammar (although don't look too closely at this paragraph). I spend my days working as a Speech Language Pathologist, focusing on verbal communication and also as a handletterer, where I have the privilege of communicating with written word. Words have always held a certain significance. 

Katie Sterbenz Lettering was born of this affinity for words and I love that I get to use lettering to create items that are significant to my clients. I create the invitation for one of the most important days in a couple's relationship. I letter reminders of words that matter to hang in someone's home. I create a print meant to encourage a friend. I design a logo that represents a client's brand. I feel so privileged to have a hand in those celebrations and everyday occasions. 

When I'm not lettering, I'm hanging out with my family, chasing around my two little ones, and trying to make our house a home. My best work is done with a Diet Coke in hand. For inquiries / collaborations / custom orders, contact me here, and check out our latest craziness on Instagram @katiesterbenz. Thanks for stopping by!